Kamis, 30 April 2009

Simplify Media Update, 2 to take

We simplify the media to share tools, updates on media reports today teue. It added some good features, but it clearly is not a lot that is installed on home computers can share a demo. It's a mini - Firestorm geondeuringeo companies in your blog, and we received, as well as a lot of negative feedback.

Tonight, no time to waste, as well as simplify your media in, Windows and Linux box, Mac teureul has been another update. Demo it with the default / test unpublish but you work with your system if you want to test to see if you can turn it on.

Comment on his blog, Paul Joyce simplify the media today:

E-mail today with the trading around you and a few comments feature simplifies eitneun 2.0 - simplifies the demo. Exchange again - I already know one thing - we like it, p *** ionate user highlights - and one thing I know of - this new feature of a communication made a mistake.

Is refreshing in these imaginary software company. This is a minor problem, but iPhone applications can be user, anywhere in the application store is a major attack of one of the download utility, so many people had a chance of a large music collection, access to for them to really test the system for the installation of content without permission is a painter.

Anyway, right now, and it worked really positive results. I try to download updates teureul, and actually left the test is shared by default. The new version of iPhone applications will be submitted this week. If all software developers have said that, it will be a better world.

Torches and pitchforks can come now. New updates to this page for a link teue is halfway down.

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