Jumat, 12 Desember 2008

Gadget Review from my heart

The gadget can not be released from urban residents who live in Jakarta. Can be ascertained where they stepped, always surrounded by sophisticated gadgets, gadgets and exciting. Imagine the development of rapid urban communities are also accompanied by the development of gadgets that increasingly violent. If people have the first Walkman, and the discman, now tergusur by the portable audio player that is very easy and the mini-where taken. Below are some urban gadget you can not miss.

Nokia N91 8GB
This is not just a regular mobile phones. Success with previous variants of the memory card to plant as much as 4 GB, this time more than N91 brace himself with the memory card as much as 8 GB, so you will save many more songs in your favorite hand phone is. Facilities MP3 player and Windows are also embedded in products that have a design that is luxurious.

Notebooks this one is very easy to find everywhere. Start from the various offices to the coffee shop. In addition to design an attractive, sophisticated facilities, there are also on the MacBookPro. Account Manager for your chat, this notebook also has a sophisticated internal camera.

Nixon Dictator
Watches seemed to be an attraction apart. Start from a violent form of technology that until there is in it. Voice recording technology to become one of this gadget. So, when you find inspiration in the middle of the road, you save enough in the hands of the clock with your voice.

Resolution color and high strength materials into one of these gadgets. Processor Intel Core also embedded in it. Windows XP Professional also become one of andalannya. Only with the display to shift it to the top, then you will find the keypad very comfortable to use.

Xbox 360
Whether the reason for what makes the game one player who is less with the Sony Playstation. If viewed holistically, that is owned by the Xbox 360 is much more evident when compared to competitors. He also assisted with back up from Microsoft, which of course will make your games more fun.

Sony Walkman Bean
It resembles the shape of nuts you normally eat. However, the nut is one born by Sony, which is a big name in the world of audio video. Display it makes your eyes will be comfortable in the track to see what is on your play. Only with you to recharge the battery for 3 minutes you can use this MP3 player for 3 hours non-stop.

Kodak V705
Does not seem complete if you walk with friends without bringing a digicam. Kodak just launched the first digicam with two lenses at once and have a 7.1 megapixel resolution, which makes the image that you catch more clearly. Anti-blur technology is also included in the Kodak V705.

Sony Aibo
Keeping dogs is fun, of course, but if you think bagiamana bad behavior, of course, will make all people membencinya sudden. Sony see the rift and immediately launched the newest robots being given the name Aibo. Dog-shaped robot is enough to make you comfortable and far from the troublesome words in mengurusnya. You simply recharge back-me robots this quiz and find a variety that can ditumbulkannya.

Sony PlayStation Portable
Things that this one is a friend indeed the most faithful in every time. Where you travel, do not forget to bring this game player. In addition to playing the game, you can also listen to MP3 with this gadget. Quality sound that it produces is not lost with the audio that has a large size.
www.sony.com (ng)

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